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Thermal imaging dual-
spectrum security robot

Argus S5.2 IR — Thermal imaging dual-spectrum security robot

The new security robot Argus is proposed for delivery from mid-2020. The robot is equipped with a dual-spectral PTZ camera located on the top of the mast. This arrangement of the PTZ camera allows circular scanning of the surrounding area in the thermal and visible spectrums. Thermal video surveillance provides reliable detection of people and cars at night with little artificial lighting or its complete absence.

The camera of a visible spectrum forms a high-resolution image, it uses a new high light sensitivity sensor. The video image from both the thermal camera and the camera of the visible range is processed by the on-board computer. It provides PTZ camera control, human detection, and tracking.

Video surveillance cameras6 HD panoramic cameras; PTZ camera 30x zoom; Thermal PTZ camera

The distance of detection at dayDetecting people – 200m,
Detecting cars – 800m

Temperature range-25°C … +55°C

RF communication4G, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Ad Hock, Bluetooth

Speed, range 4 – 6 km/h, 24 km

Weight with battery. Charger185 kg, 48 V DC 600 W

Thermal imaging dual-<br>spectrum security robot

Argus S5.2 IR security robot’s key features

  • Mobile bi spectrum video surveillance
  • Smart passive Thermal Cameras
  • Deep Learning for Reducing False Alarms
  • Detecting people within a 200-meter radius
  • Detecting cars within an 800-meter radius


  • Protecting perimeters and fence lines
  • Border patrol, Homeland security
  • Correctional facilities, prisons
  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • Airports and maritime terminals


360-degree thermal video surveillance

360-degree thermal video surveillance

A typical mode of operation of an intelligent video analysis system implies a circular rotation of the camera until a person is detected. Next, the tracking mode is turned on, and the camera tracks a person until his face is detected in the frontal position.

A photo of a person in the front position is suitable for subsequent recognition. If within 10 seconds the face image could not be obtained, the camera continues circular scanning.

Reliability and high efficiency of the surveillance system are achieved by the fact that a person is detected by the image from the thermal spectrum camera, and his image in the form suitable for recognition by the operator or by the face recognition system comes from the zoom module of the high-resolution visible spectrum camera module.

To ensure the safe operation of the robot, it is equipped with six cameras for continuous 360°-circular surveillance. The cameras have high sensitivity and work in high-resolution mode. The image from these cameras is analyzed by a separate on-board computer of a panoramic video surveillance system for detecting people. This solution allows you to detect an approaching person at a time when the scanning PTZ camera does not look in its direction.

Night security patrolling without outside lighting

Night security patrolling without outside lighting

Like all models of security robots manufactured by SMP Robotics. The new model, Argus, automatically moves along a pre-programmed patrol route, avoid obstacles, and returns to charge when the batteries are discharged. The security robot is charged automatically using the autonomous charging station included in the delivery package. The design of the security robot ensures its reliable movement on an uneven surface covered with rubble or small stones.

What makes it perfect for patrolling the perimeter in the territories of industrial enterprises. Video transmission from the robot, information about its location and operation of the systems is carried out via 4G or WiFi wireless communication channels. Video from CCTV cameras and alarm information is available for display in any stationary VMS supporting ONVIF protocol. The status and location of robots on patrol routes displayed in the web-based service for group monitoring of the operation of robots.

SMP Robotics Outdoor Security robot Argus
  • Dual-spectrum PTZ thermal camera
  • Human detection and tracking by thermal camera at night and by visible camera at day
  • Face and license plate detection by PTZ camera
  • 360-degree video surveillance and human detection by six HD cameras
  • Autonomous movement on pre-programmed patrol routes
  • Multi-robot (group) patrolling of the security area
  • Transmission of ONVIF videos and alarm
  • events over 4G or WiFi
  • Sound notification, IP intercom, alarm button
  • Automatic charging station for 24/7 autonomous operation

Thermal imaging surveillance & video analytics

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Characteristics of security robot Argus

Characteristics of multispectral surveillance systems of security robot Argus

360-degree panoramic video surveillance
Quantity of panoramic cameras6
Resolution panoramic cameras1280 × 720, AHD
Sensitivity of panoramic cameras0.005 lx
Thermal Imaging PTZ Camera
Type of sensorUncooled Microbolometer FPA, 17 μm
Resolutions640 x 480
Digital zoomх1 – 4
Lens19 mm
FOV32° x 24.2°
Frame rate50/60Hz
Spectral range8 – 14 μm
Visual detection rangeVehicle 2500m, human 500m
Temperature range-20°C ~ +135°C
Temperature accuracy± 2°
Daylight Imaging PTZ Cameras
Zoom module1/2.8″ Exmor CMOS, 2.13MP optical: x30, digital: x12
Video format1080P/30, 1080P/25, 720P/60, 720P/50, 720P/30, 720P/25
Resolution, 720P/30, 720P/25
Horizontal Field of View63.7° ~ 2.3°
Lens4.3 mm – 129 mm
Day/Night ICRauto
Pan range/speed360°Continuous / 0.1° ~ 80°/s
Tilt range/speed-20° ~ 90° / 0.1° ~ 60°/s
Intelligent video surveillance system
Embedded computer of video processing2pcs T9
Embedded computer of video processingJetson TX2
Processor moduleJetson TX2
Embedded SSD120GB
Automatic human detecting range at night, by thermal PTZ cameraup to 150m (249 ft)
Automatic human detecting range at day, by visual PTZ cameraup to 120 m (39 ft)
Automatic human detecting range at day, by panoramic camerasup to 30 m (100 ft)
Automatic face recognition range at day, by visual PTZ cameraup to 60m (200 ft)
Time of full turn PTZ at night in human automatic detection mode120 sec
Time of full turn PTZ at day in human automatic detection mode320 sec
Motion detection range by panoramic cameras at day, for tracking by PTZ~30 m
Tracking time of human by means PTZ, no less5 sec
Estimated operating time10 hours

Technical characteristics of thermal security robot Argus

Cruising range at +5°C (41°F), up to24 km15 miles
Accuracy of check-point drive-through circle radius0.8 m2.5’
Minimum illumination for visual navigation6 lux
Minimum illumination for obstacle avoided systems0 lux
Speed while traveling autonomously4 – 6 km/h2.5 – 4 mph
Width of patrol route path, min0.9 m3.0’
Turning radius, min5 m16.4’
Ground Clearance14 cm5.5″
Climbing Angle15°
Dimension1750 х 780 х 1420mm69″ х 31″ х 56″
Weight (without batteries)125 kg275 lb
Delivered weightAir Freight Packing 185 kg, 408 lb;sea packing 195 kg, 430 lb
Waterproof and dustproof levelIP65
Operating temperature range-25°C … +55°C-13°F … 131°F
Storage temperature range-40°C … +70°C-40°F … 158°F
Acoustic noise64dB (A)
Body and Chassis
FrameAluminum alloy, Hard Anodizing
Tires145/75 R8
Vehicle Power
Drive SystemRear differential drive
Motor driveElectromagnetic
Accumulate battery2 x 12.6V 120A/h Lead Acid
Battery Charger48 Volt DC/ 110-250VAC, 600W, UL/CSA, off board
Charging time6 ~ 8 hours
Wireless4G, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Ad Hock, Bluetooth
AudioIP Intercom, Audio notification
VisualColor Beacon and LED Alarm Button
Remote Control915 MHz or 434.05-434.75 MHz, ISM band
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